PHASE 1 - AWS Cloud Security - ASSESSMENT

We use this DISCOVERY phase to understand your AWS Cloud Infrastructure, Identify your Security Challenges &  Compliance needs.

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PHASE 2 - AWS Cloud Security - CONSULTING

We Analyze your AWS Cloud  Infrastructure, take a in-depth look at your Cloud Security posture and recommend Cloud Security and Compliance Solution by 

Enabling and Enhancing current AWS Security Services

AWS Services currently implemented ( CloudWatch, CloudTrail, Cloud Config, IAM Policies, S3 Bucket Policies etc)

Designing and Implementing AWS Security Services

Additional AWS Services including GuardDuty, Macie, Inspector, KMS, HSM, Shield, WAF etc

Designing and Implementing AWS  Partner (Third party) Security Applications

DOME9 - Cloud Security Compliance and Governance Platform for Cloud Security Automation and Remediation (Network & IAM Safety, Compliance Engine) used towards Compliance -HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, NIST, ISO and Industry Benchmarks for AWS - CIS.

SUMOLOGIC for AWS - Consolidated Log Management and Application Performance Management - for 25 + AWS Services in One Platform!

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PHASE 3 - AWS Cloud Security - MANAGED Services

Your business depends on the Security, Availability and Performance of your Applications running on the AWS Cloud.

  • MONITOR your AWS Cloud to Identify Threats and Anomalies in your AWS Cloud (Network, Identity & Access, Data)

  • REMEDIATE Cloud Security Issues Proactively identifying and fixing Cloud Security issues based on Best Practices & Compliance Policies.

  • Develop and Implement Automated Remediations solutions 

  • CONTROL Cloud Security Issues by proactively implementing Security Solutions. Continual Security Service Analysis and Improvement by Identifying Implementing new Security Strategies.

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