About Us

Welcome 2Kloud. We’re a company dedicated to helping organisations protect their cloud infrastructure and data within the AWS Cloud based on AWS Security best practices and enforce compliance standards - HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR & NIST.

We perform a thorough analysis of customers AWS Cloud Infrastructure including the TOOLS in place (AWS and management tools), PEOPLE who access (System, Data), the PROCESSES in place and design a Cloud security Strategy to gain immediate visibility & control (within 24 hours) 

We conduct daily/realtime assessment of your AWS cloud assets to discover and new Threats or Anomalies. 
We also work with your CloudOps technical team to help Remediate security issues and enable them to stay protected and remain compliant throughout your cloud journey.

Ask us about
AWS Cloud  - Security Operations (Visibility & Control)
AWS Cloud  - Security Compliance & Governance (HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO )
AWS Cloud  - Secure DevOps (Dev SecOps)
AWS Cloud  - Aggregated Log Monitoring and Performance Analytics (Major AWS Services)
AWS Cloud  - Threat and Anomaly detection (Continuous Monitoring)
AWS Cloud  - Data Protection (Discover, Classify and protect sensitive data by using Machine Learning)
AWS Cloud  - Security Remediation and Automation (Managed Services) AWS cloud security compliance cloud computing

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Our Approach

Cloud Security Strategy

Our Service Strategy includes a 60 minute complementary Cloud Security Assessment session followed up by a  recommendation service (action plan and a timeline) 

Cloud Security Consulting Service

Our Consulting service includes thorough analysis of your Cloud Security posture and will design, implement and integrate with all key AWS Security & Compliance Services plus other Cloud Security products like DOME9 , SumoLogic) that will help you gain immediate control and protection of your AWS Cloud Assets. 

Managed Cloud Security Service

Our managed services include Monitoring and Remediation of current and ongoing security issues. Our team will help you to be proactive, be on the Offense and defend your Cloud against existing or new cloud Threats, Vulnerabilities and anomalies and remain secure, compliant and be protected. 

Why Us?

Broad Cloud Security Experience

We focus on delivering immediate business value with our extensive cloud security experience and start remediating Cloud Security issues immediately.

Key Technology Partnerships

Our relationship with key Cloud Security & Compliance leaders including Amazon Web Services, Dome9 and SumoLogic to bring you the latest tools and technology services to defend and protect your AWS cloud.

Our Team of Cloud Security Experts

Our team of Experienced and Certified AWS Cloud Security Consultants will work with your in-house business / technical team to be proactive and be Cloud Secure and Compliant.